Once the test is started, a new tab displaying the Runtime Dashboard will open. It provides all test execution instrumentation and controls so a user would not need to navigate to any other parts of StresStimulus during the test run.

All aspects of test execution and performance metrics are monitored from the Runtime Dashboard.

Info: The full list of Runtime Dashboard elements for monitoring and controlling the test execution is provided in User Interface Reference -> Runtime Dashboard.

After the test is complete, the Saving Results progress bar will appear to indicate that StresStimulus processes collected metrics and generates reports.

After that, the Runtime Dashboard tab will be converted into the test result tab that will display the final test execution snapshot, along with all other performance testing information.

Note: By default,  the test result name includes a test run time-stamp followed by a test name:  YYYY_MM_DD_HH:MM:SS<test-name>

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