StresStimulus test script can be edited using the built-in script editor. To open the script editor, click the Script Editor node on the workflow tree.


Editing the script in the editor is an advanced feature that can damage the existing test. Make sure to back-up the .ssconfig test file before accessing the editor.


The script editor has the following features:

  • The .ssconfig XML script (a) is displayed in the first tab. 
  • The .xsd schema document (b) is displayed in the second tab. This document is read-only.
  • While making changes in the script, IntelliSense (c) will aid with syntax.
  • Script errors can be seen in the Error List (d) window while editing the script.
  • After making changes in the script, click the Validate button (e) to validate the document against the schema. All errors will be shown in a result dialog box.
  • Click the Save & Exit button to save the script file, close the editor, and reload the script in StresStimulus.

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