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Session Containers are objects that surround zero or more sessions or other session containers. There are five types of session containers:

Creating Session Containers

  • Select one or more objects that will all be part of the same container and right-click. All the selected objects must be siblings (i.e., must have the same parent object).

  • Select the type of session container you want to create.
  • The container with the selected sessions (or objects) will be created.

  • An empty session container can be inserted by right-clicking destination sibling > Insert Object > Select Container > select Insert Above, Insert Below, or Insert Into option.

Removing Session Containers

If you want to delete the session container without deleting the child sessions and/or objects:

  • Right-click on the container you wish to remove.
  • Select Remove Container

To remove multiple containers

  • Select multiple containers you wish to remove. All the selected objects must be siblings (i.e., must have the same parent object). 
  • Right-click
  • Select Remove Container

 To move items out of the container

  • Select one or more items inside a single container
  • Right-click
  • Select Remove object(s) from container option
  • The selected items will appear above the container

Note: If you wish to delete the container and its sessions/objects, click Delete object(s).

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