A StresStimulus Test is a self-contained project comprising of elements defining a specific function or step in the load testing process. The test can be saved and then reopened from the StresStimulus Main Menu by opening the main project file with extension .ssconfig. The test elements can be divided into four categories corresponding to the four top-level nodes on the Workflow Tree:

1. One or several Test Cases. Each test case includes:

  • A sequence of recorded web sessions stored in a dedicated .saz file. Each web session includes an HTTP request sent by the client and corresponding server response to it.
  • A set of objects, such as extractors, parameters, transactions, loops, and validators, and their properties stored in a .ssconfig file as an XML representing a hierarchical test object model (TOM). A single .ssconfig file containing TOM for all test cases is created in a test.
  • One or several optional datasets, each of which is stored in a separate .csv file. A dataset can be used in more than one test case.

2. Test Configuration includes a set of objects defining test parameters such as a number of virtual users, load pattern, test duration, and test completion criteria. Test Configuration properties are stored in the .ssconfig file as an XML, a hierarchical object model.

3. Controls for running and monitoring Test.

The Test file set includes:

  • Main configuration file: <TestName > .ssconfig.
  • A subfolder with the same name <TestName>, located in the same folder, includes the following files:
    • One or several session files <TestCaseName> .saz - one per test case.
    • Optional <DatasetName>.csv files - (one per dataset).
    • __Auth.csv file with test credentials (if applicable).
    • bin subfolder (optional) - for external component .dll files
    • Script subfolder (optional) - for scriptable variable source files
    • Certificates subfolder (optional) - for server authentication certificate files
    • DataFiles subfolder (optional) - for test data files used in for parameterizing file uploads

The default location of the test files is %My Documents%\Fiddler2\StresStimulus. If you need test versioning, save every test version with the new name or use your external versioning (source control) tool.

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