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User interface (UI) reference explains the options that appear in StresStimulus windows, dialog boxes and other UI elements. Much of this material is available in the UI. The purpose of this document is to combine this information into a searchable document.

Because all topics are hierarchically organized, access to configuration settings, or functions can be quickly located, not just by content, but also by context. For example, search results for the term "think time" point to the page with the following path:

Workflow Tree and Functional Area -> Build Test Case

While the topic, Build Test Case, does not explain how to navigate to its functionality, its contexts suggest that user has to click to on the Build Test Case node of the Workflow Tree to configure page think time.


This section includes the help content embedded into StresStimulus and easily accessible as contextual help.

StresStimulus help content includes the following information:

  • Treeviews, toolbars, menus. Every node of a TreeView, a Toolbar button or an item of a menu is presented by its icon, description and a tooltip if exist.
  • Help boxes: Virtually every window, dialog box, and toolbar have one or several embedded help boxes, each of which pop-up when mouse-over or click a corresponding light-bulb icon.
  • Property grids. The name of properties and their description is provided for every object displayed in a property grid.
  • Data grids: Column names and their tooltips are provided for every grid.


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