The variable picker control helps to select and enter a variable name in the correct format when creating a parameter. The variable picker is used in all three parameterization controls: Parameterization Grid, Parameterization Editor, and Free-format Request Editor.

Using Variable Picker

To enter a variable in the Replace With the column in the In Parameterization Grid, follow these steps:

1. Invoke Variable Picker, using one of the following methods:

    • Click the column.
    • Click over {{Auto-Correlated}} to override autocorrelation with a parameter.
    • If the Replace with column already contains a variable or other static text, click where you want to inject a new variable or select the text that you would like to replace. Then right-click.

2. The variable picker will appear with a list of the existing variables in four categories.

    • Extractors
    • Datasets
    • Data Generators
    • Functions

3. Select a variable in the Extractor, Data Generator, or Function category, or select a variable as a Dataset, field, and databinding method.

4. The Variable Picker will disappear, and the variable will be injected into the request parameter.

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