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Every Windows server exposes hundreds or thousands of performance counters that can be monitored with Windows PerfMon tool. The list of available counters depends on components, frameworks, and applications installed on the server. For example, after installing SQL Server, or Dynamics CRM, several new application-specific categories of counters are added to the server. StresStimulus can monitor any subset of these performance counters.

To simplify the selection of the counters while adding a graph and a machine, you can select several initial counter sets from the Quick List. Later, you will be able to add more counters from the entire list of PerfMon counters.

Quick List consists of several counter templates, each of which includes several predefined most relevant counters. Depending on the server functions you wish to monitor, you can select one or several counter templates by checking corresponding boxes.

The list of predefined templates, along with the corresponding counters, is provided below.


    • Processor - {machine name} > Processor > % Processor Time > _Total
    • Available memory - {machine name} > Memory  > Available Mbytes
    • Disk - {machine name} > PhysicalDisk > % Disk Time > _Total
    • System > Context Switches/sec
    • TCPv4 > Segments Sent/sec
    • Network - {adapter name} > Network Interface > Packets/sec

      Note: StresStimulus attempts to find the network adapter automatically. If it can't be found then no adapter is automatically added. It can still be added manually.


    • ASP.NET > Requests Queued
    • ASP.NET > Request Wait Time
    • ASP.NET > Request Execution Time

SQL Server:

    • SQLServer:Memory Manager > Total Server Memory (KB)
    • SQLServer:Buffer Manager > Buffer cache hit ratio
    • SQLServer:General Statistics > User Connections
    • SQLServer:Databases > Transactions/sec
    • SQLServer:General Statistics > Logins/sec
    • SQLServer:General Statistics > User Connections

Dynamics CRM Performance:

    • ConfigDBQueriesPerSecond->geo_read_success
    • ConfigDBQueriesPerSecond->geo_update_success

    • ConfigDBQueriesPerSecond->sitewide_read_success

    • ConfigDBQueriesPerSecond->sitewide_update_success

Dynamics CRM Failures:

    • ClaimsAuthenticationFailuresInTheLastMinute

    • ConfigDBWindowsAuthenticationFailuresInTheLastMinute

    • CrmPostAuthenticationFailuresInTheLastMinute

    • PassportAuthenticationFailuresInTheLastMinute

    • WindowsAuthenticationFailuresInTheLastMinute

    • Failed Discovery Service Requests

    • ConfigDBQueriesPerSecond->geo_read_failed

    • ConfigDBQueriesPerSecond->geo_update_failed

    • ConfigDBQueriesPerSecond->sitewide_read_failed

    • ConfigDBQueriesPerSecond->sitewide_update_failed

    • Failed Internal Organization Service Requests
    • Failed Organization Service Metadata Requests
    • Failed Organization Service Requests
    • Failed Report Render Requests
    • Script Error Reports

Once you added initial counters, you can then add or remove performance counters for a specific machine as described in Adding More Performance Counters

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