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Dynatrace is a Compuware Application Performance Management (APM) suite. It allows to monitor web application performance, pinpoints bottlenecks, isolates application errors, and optimizes performance on all system tiers.

StresStimulus integration with Dynatrace allows optimizing application performance under load when performance issues are maximally exposed. StresStimulus allows to include additional data in HTTP requests to correlate client requests with the server-side code analysis. This gives performance engineers more information to optimize application responsiveness. 

To enable Dynatrace Integration, in the Other Options -> Advanced Options section, set the property Enable Dynatrace integration? to Yes.

StresStimulus integration with Dynatrace is implemented according to the Compuware specification: Integration with Web Load Testing and Monitoring Tools

When Dynatrace Integration is enabled, the following pieces of information are included in every request under the “x-dynatrace-test” header:

  • SI - “StresStimulus”, the issuer of the request
  • VU - The virtual user number that issued the request
  • AN – The load generator name that issued the request
  • TSN - The transaction name that the request belongs to
  • LSN - The test case name the request belongs to
  • LTN - The test run name

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