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Grid commands:

  1. To select a curve grid corresponding to a graph, click the graph or click a matching tab (a).
  2. To highlight the curve on the graph, click the curve row or select Highlight Curve (b).
  3. To show/hide the curve on the graph, check or uncheck a box on the corresponding row (c).

    Report performance

    In order to improve report loading and navigating performance, hidden curves will not be visible on the report when it is initially opened. To further increase performance, after the test is over, some curves will automatically be hidden. For more see here.

  4. To show just this curve on the graph, select Hide all Curves, but This (d).
  5. To show all the curves on the graph, select Unhide all Curves (e).
  6. To re-scale, the curve, select Rescale Curve (f) to bring up a dialog (g) to input the new range. Enter a new range value for the curve and click OK. The graph curve will re-scale accordingly.

    If you enter a range value less than the Max value of the curve, then the curve will be drawn outside the boundary of the graph.

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