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Every load agent's performance could be monitored during the test to ensure its resources are not reaching capacity as described here.

To enable performance monitoring for a Windows load agent, set the Enable monitoring? property to Yes.


To use this feature, the load agent must:

  • Be a Windows load agent. See here to add monitors for a load agent that runs on Linux.
  • Have PerfMon agent running on default port 49996

Performance counters

When at least one load agent has monitoring enabled, the Runtime dashboard will create a Load agents performance graph.

The table below describes the Perfmon performance counters that will be added for each load agent with monitoring enabled:

Processor% Processor Time_Total

The CPU utilization. It is recommended to keep it below 90% during test runs.


The warning threshold is set to 85, and the critical threshold is set to 90

MemoryAvailable MBytes
The amount of free memory.
PhysicalDisk% Disk Time_TotalThe disk usage. Primarily important for embedded SQL databases.
Network InterfacePackets/sec{Network Interface Name}The network utilization.

If you wish to use a different set of performance counters, you can manually create a Windows server monitor as described here.

Monitoring Agent Templates

If you are using Windows AWS cloud templates or Azure cloud templates, you can enable monitoring on the template, and performance counters will be created for the cloud agents during the test.

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