To record a scenario from any web client other than a web browser, in Test Wizard, select Non-browser application as a recording source and click Next button.

In the Non-browser settings screen:

  • Enter the path application of the application (a) to launch and record.
  • Enter the arguments (b) to launch the application with
  • Optionally enter the first Transaction name (c)
  • Click the Record button (f) to start the recorder and launch the process.

Manually launch the application

Alternatively, leaving the Application path blank and clicking the Record button will start the recorder but not launch any application automatically. Instead, it can be launched manually.

Java applications

StresStimulus will automatically add necessary arguments to java applications in order to capture HTTP/S traffic during recording. If launching a java application manually add the following arguments to capture the traffic during recording:

-DproxySet=true -Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort={proxy_port} -Dhttps.proxyHost= -Dhttps.proxyPort={proxy_port}

Process Filtering

When recording a non-browser application, StresStimulus will filter out all HTTP/S traffic not coming from the Application (a). To enable recording from other processes enter a comma-separated list of process names in the textbox (d). To record from all processes (not recommended) check the checkbox (e).

Manually launched application

If no application is specified (a). StresStimulus will attempt to capture HTTP/S traffic from all applications running on the recording machine.  Enter the process name of the application being recorded in the textbox (d). StresStimulus will filter traffic from all processes that don't start with the given process name.

Starting the recorder

After the floating Recorder bar appears, StresStimulus is ready to capture client actions from a non-browser recording source such as Silverlight or Adobe AIR application. Navigate the tested application. When recording is finished, click Stop in the Recorder or in StresStimulus. A new test case will be created.

Unlike recording from a web browser where StresStimulus automates several service functions when recording from other sources, you are responsible for providing the following service functions manually.

  • Make sure that the test case is recorded from the beginning of the client session. All initial steps, including session initiation information and log in, must be captured. Otherwise, the test case will be incomplete and will cause errors.
  • If your non-browser or mobile application uses client cache, make sure to clear it before recording. That is necessary to prevent the browser from using cached data, in which case, the test case will miss some HTTP sessions.

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