The test will complete after a specified period elapsed, and the second condition is met.

  1. Set the Load generation time (hhh:mm:ss) property. 

    Maximum run duration

    Starting from v5.6 the maximum test run duration is 500 hours

  2. Set the secondary condition by configuring the After the completion condition is reached property by selecting one of the following
    • Wait for responses: No new requests will be sent, and VUs will wait for pending requests' responses.
    • Stop the test: No new requests will be sent, and all pending requests will be aborted and excluded from calculations. This option is helpful when precise test duration is required; for example when comparing two tests that should have the same duration.
    • Wait for iterations to complete: StresStimulus will send all unsent requests in the current iteration and wait for their responses. As a result, StresStimulus will accurately calculate iteration-specific parameters such as Avg. Iteration Time(s).

Here is an example: A test case consists of 10 requests and a test ran with one VU for 60 seconds. Let's say, after 60 seconds, this VU completed five full iterations (which are 50 completed requests) and started iteration #6 by sending seven requests and receiving 4 of them back.

  • If you selected Wait for Responses, then VU1 will stop issuing requests and will wait only for the three responses which were not received back. After that, VU1 finishes the test with the following result: 6 iterations started / 5 iterations completed / 7 requests in the last iteration / No errors.
  • If you selected Wait for Iterations to Complete, then VU1 will continue issuing the remaining three requests (to complete the iteration) and will wait to receive six responses (the three responses which were not received plus three new responses). After that, VU1 finishes the test with the following result six iterations started / 6 iterations completed.

If the test has more VUs, then StresStimulus will wait until the last VU finishes the test.

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