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In addition to monitoring Key Performance Metrics (KPI) as well as page and transaction performance, StresStimulus has the instrumentation to profile the performance of the remote machines involved in the test through the local network or Internet. Performance counters are mainly used for monitoring resource utilization on multiple tested servers, including Web, application, and database servers, to help in load test diagnostics. They allow estimating the impact of the users' activity on hardware, operating system, application, and help to track down the source of a website's unproductiveness. Performance counters are also used to monitor the health of load agents on client testing machines to make sure that the test rig hardware resources are provisioned correctly.

Three groups of counters can be monitored:

  1. Performance counters on Windows servers
  2. Performance counters on Linux/Unix servers via SNMP protocol
  3. Performance counters on load agents

To configure each group of counters, select an appropriate node under the Other Options -> Monitoring section of the workflow tree.

Each group of counters is displayed in a separate graph panel, presenting a separate curve for each parameter. They are displayed on the Runtime Dashboard during the test run and on the test results to help in load test diagnostics.

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