In the Step Load pattern, the number of VUs increases up to a peak point (ramp-up). The test starts with a Start VU number. Then on every Step Duration, the number of VUs increases by Step VU Increase. Once the Max VU is reached, new VUs will no longer be instantiated.

You can optionally set the Over(s) property to increase the step VUs over a period of time gradually. If Over is zero, then the increase is instant.


Once a step load test's completion criteria is reached, the test can ramp down VUs. Set the After the completion condition is reached property to Ramp-down and wait for iterations to complete.

The ramp-down will stop issuing new iterations for running VUs at the rate opposite to the ramp-up. The test will end when all VUs finish their last iterations.


Ramp-down is only available for tests with completion criteria by Run duration or Reaching Max VUs

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