Test results are stored in a database. StresStimulus supports the following test result storage databases:

  • Embedded SQLite: a lightweight embedded database with its own file for every test run. It has no database size limit. Replaced SQL Server CE
  • SQL Server: Provide your SQL Server to store virtually unlimited test logs.
  • Embedded SQL Server CE (deprecated): Every test run will have its own database file with up to 4 GB of data.

Embedded SQL databases

SQLite and SQL Server CE are both lightweight embedded databases that run inside the StresStimulus process. 

  1. Go to the Result Storage node in the Workflow Tree.
  2. Select the database type by setting the Data storage property. Choose Embedded SQLite or Embedded SQL Server.
  3. Set the folder where the database files will be saved. If left black, the default location is the %LocalAppData%\StresStimulus\SQLCE\ folder. To change the default location, go to Main Menu > Edit > Settings > General tab

SQL Server

You use your own instance of SQL Server to store StresStimulus test results.

  1. Set the Data storage property to the SQL server
  2. Click the box in the property grid to bring up the SQL Server Connection Settings dialog.
    1. Enter SQL Server name, authentication type, credentials, and database name.
    2. Alternatively, enter the full connection string of the database.
    3. Click Create/Check DB. If you entered a non-existing database name, a new database with all appropriate tables will be created automatically. If entered an existing StresStimulus database, the connection will be verified.
  3. For slower SQL Server instances, increase the default SQLCommand Timeout property when you have extensive tests and get errors like the Timeout period elapsed before completion of the operation.

SQL Server Notes:

  • The user specified in the Login section should be a database owner (dbo) to have sufficient permissions to create tables and other objects and insert and update data. If you have specified a new database, the user should have permission to create databases.
  • The network connection between the StresStimulus controller and SQL Server should be fast enough to transmit real-time insert transactions. VPN or WiFi networks maybe not be fast enough. If StresStimulus determines that the network connection slows down the test execution, it will stop the test and display a slow connection error message.

Connection string

Starting from v5.6, the connection string will be encrypted in the configuration file (.ssconfig)

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