A time-period report (TP Report) filters activity (transactions) data from a defined time period in the test. For example, a step-load test consists of a phase of VU ramp-up, followed by a phase of steady load, followed by a phase of VU ramp-down. You can create a separate report TP report just for the steady load phase.

Creating a TP Report

  • In the Test Result tab, click the TP Report (a) button to bring up the TO report parameters dialog.
  • Enter start time (b) and end time (c) of the filtered time period and click the Refresh button (d).

  • Alternatively, zoom the users graph (e) to select the filtered time period.
  • Check the Include partial transactions checkbox (f) to include transactions that aren’t fully encapsulated in the selected time period.
  • Click Create TP Report button (g) to create the report

Viewing a TP Report

The TP Report will be created in a new tab. It will have the same appearance and functionality as the original report described here.

  • A TP test summary report with high-level calculations. The heading of the test summary will say: TP Report Rest Summary

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