Several test results can be compared side-by-side on a Multi-Test report tab. To create the Multi-Test report, follow these steps

1. From the Analyze Results section (a), select the results to compare by checking corresponding boxes (b).

2. Clicking Compare Tests(c) on the toolbar. 

3.  A new Multi-Test Report tab (d) will display the report

4. To save as an external report, click the External Report. For more on external reports, click here.

The multi-test report displays several views described in the following sections.

Side-by-side comparison

An open report can be docked in the left pane of the StresStimulus application. This will allow two reports to open simultaneously on the screen, making it possible to compare them visually.

To dock an open report on the left, press the Dock on the left button.

Once the report is docked on the left, open the report to compare to visually on the right.

To dock the report back on the right as a tab, click the dock on the right button.

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