If running a distributed test with one or more Windows load agents while using an embedded database or an SQL Server with Controller-only usage, each agent and the controller will have a database file.

  • The agent's database file will contain the replayed sessions that the agent initiated.
  • The controller's database file will contain all the final results and calculations, along with replayed sessions that the controller initiated.

It is sometimes necessary to query the replayed sessions from an agent. If trying to do this from the controller, you will get the following response in the inspector window.

To see test results for an individual load agent, go to the agent machine, open StresStimulus, and go to Analyze Results as described here. The database file will be in the test result database folder (by default in %programdata%\stresstimulus\sqlce\{Test File}). There will be one file for every test run with the following format {Test Date}_{Test Run Name}, so pick the one that corresponds to your test. 

File extension

If you used SQLite embedded database or SQL Server with Controller-only usage, the file extension should be .sqlite.

If you used SQL CE embedded database (deprecated), the file extension should be .sdf.

Note: If Test Run Name was empty, then {Test File} is used.

Database folder

By default, all load agent test result database files are stored in a parent folder %programdata%\stresstimulus\sqlce\. A subfolder will be created for every test configuration with the same name as the test configuration file.


A test running a test configuration file MyTest.ssconfig, the test result database folder will be %programdata%\stresstimulus\sqlce\MyTest\

The parent folder can be changed for each load agent individually. For example, some load agents have limited disk space on drive C, so changing the database folder to a different drive may be beneficial. 

Select a load agent and set the Folder for test result database files property to the full path of the database folder.

Invalid folder

If the folder path is invalid or can't be created, %programdata%\stresstimulus\sqlce\{Test File} directory is used.

Clearing database files

Load agent's database files can be deleted from the controller by selecting the Clear local data cache option. This option will delete all *.sqlite and *.dsf files in the database folder and all subfolders.

Disabling the local agent database

After several test runs, the local agent databases can take up a large amount of disk space. Starting from v5.7, set the Save local data on load agents? property to No in order to skip saving local results to a local database for every test run. This will reduce the load agent disk space usage.

Data replication

The local load agent data can still be accessed on the controller through the Save sessions from agents? property.

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