Rendezvous are points in a test case that are used to synchronize Virtual Users to carry out tasks at the same moment. This is used to order to create a simultaneous load on the server at specific points in the test case.

For example, imagine a test case that logs in, performs a critical action, and logs out. It is required to test the critical action under a 100 VU load. However, running a steady load with 100 VUs will not guarantee a 100 VU load on the critical action because the length of time the login will take is unpredictable. In these situations, you can add a rendezvous before the critical action to have each VU wait after its login for all other VUs to log in.

To add a rendezvous, do the following:


  1. Select the object where you want to insert the rendezvous.
  2. Right-click and select Insert Object -> Insert Rendezvous (3), then select Insert Before, Insert After, or Insert Into (4).

Maximum wait time

Set the Timeout property to the maximum number of seconds to wait for the Rendezvous before continuing. Clear the Timeout property to wait indefinitely.

Rendezvous points between multiple test cases

Typically, rendezvous points synchronize tasks by Virtual Users that are executing the same test case. Sometimes, it may be necessary to synchronize tasks within different test cases. This is done via the Name property of a rendezvous. Rendezvous points with the same name in different test cases will synchronize Virtual Users to carry out tasks at the same moment.

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