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Since SQL Server database can store data for multiple test results, SQL server has a test result catalog table called ResultCatalog. 

TestId (PK)uniqueidentifier

The test run GUID. Every subsequent database table has a TestId field that tells which test run the record belongs to.

titleSQL CE TestId:

If a test used SQL CE for test result storage, then the TestId value will be 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

Namevarchar(128)A unique name of a test.
DisplayNamevarchar(128)The display name of a test. By default, it is the same as Name
RunDatedatetimeThe data and time of when the test started
ConsolidatedbitAlways 1
ConfigIduniqueidentifierThe GUID of the test script configuration file. 2 tests that originated from the same .ssconfig file will have the same id.