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During recording, StresStimulus automatically takes screenshots of the webpage on every clickEach screenshot is associated with a primary request, page or transaction issued immediately before the click. It is stored within a corresponding page object.

The screenshots are displayed when you select the request on the Test Case tree. They help users remember what was displayed in the browser when the web page was recorded. Screenshots are only available for sessions representing an HTML page. The screenshots are displayed below the page property grid. You can disable taking screenshot by un-checking the box Take screenshot of pages as described in Recording Test Case. You can copy the screenshot to clipboard or delete it by right-clicking the image.

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Note: StresStimulus tries to capture how the browser window looked just before the click. Sometimes when the page refreshes too quickly or the system is a bit slow, StresStimulus can miss the right moment for a screenshot, so they may not come out well or will miss altogether.


Some of the request properties are described in this section.