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    • Select Yes, to copy this content to the controller. This will allow generating waterfall charts for VUs emulated on the agent.
    • Select No, to reduce the traffic between agents and controller when the network bandwidth is limited.
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5. If SQL Server is selected, enter a SQL Server Connection String property or ...


    • Enter SQL Server name, authentication type, credentials and database name.
    • Click Create/Check DB. If you use a new database, all tables and other database objects will be created automatically. If use an existing database, the connection will be verified.
    • If you selected All during step #2, then most of your data storage will be occupied by the request/response bodies that are stored in the test log. You can reduce the amount of stored data by selecting one of the purge options:

  SQL Server CE Notes:

  • The SQL Server CE files are saved to a default location %Local Application Data%\StresStimulus\SQLCE\ folder.
  • This folder can be changed in the Main Menu > Edit > Settings
  • Alternatively, this folder can be changed in the Result storage folder for SQL CE files property in the Result Storage node.

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titleSQL Server Notes:
  • The user specified in the Login section should be a database owner (dbo) to have sufficient permissions to create tables and other objects as well as insert and update data. If you specified a new database, the user should have permission to create databases.
  • The network connection between the StresStimulus controller and SQL Server should be fast enough to transmit real-time insert transactions. VPN or WiFi networks maybe not fast enough. If StresStimulus determines that the network connection slows down the test execution, it will stop the test and display a slow connection error message.
  • If you use load agents that run as a Windows service, then SQL Server Windows Authentication will not work. This is because load agent Windows services run under Local system account. In this case always select SQL Server Authentication.
  • Increase the default SQLCommand Timeout property (sc) property when you have large tests and get errors like: Timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation.
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  • Purge Session Content property (d)
    • Static Mime Types:  (Default) Request and response content (headers and bodies) of images, video and other static resources are purged. Dynamic content meaningful for performance analysis will be stored.  
    • None: No request and response content is purged, all content is stored in the database.
    • Non-Errors: Non-Error request and response content is purged and error content is not.
    • All: All request and response content is purged, no response bodies are stored in the database.