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The function instance is evaluated before issuing a request.

The following function types are supported:

FunctionReturn Value
Agent Name The name of the current agent
Agent VU NumberThe current VU number within an Agent’s pool of VUs
Test Case NameThe current test case name
Agent Iteration NumberThe current iteration number executed by an Agent
URL Number The current request number within a test case
Agent Request Number The current request number issued by an Agent from the beginning of the test
Current Date Time The current date time stamp
Current UTC Date Time  The current date UTC timestamp

How to Create a Function Instance

  1. Select the Function node on the Test Workflow Tree.
  2. Click New to bring up the Function dialog.
  3. Select a Function Type.
  4. Configure its properties and give it a unique name. It will appear in the Variable Picker when you create parameters. Use the Format String property to format the generator output.
  5. Click Verify to test the return value.
  6. Click Save & Close

When the Function instance is used to parameterize a request, it is referred by its name surrounded by brackets, for example {{MyFunction}}

When the Variable Picker is used to create a parameter, the properly formatted function instance reference is inserted automatically.

The function instance is evaluated just before issuing the requests. For example, if you use the Current Date Time function in 3 requests, it will be called 3 times and will return 3 different instant time values.

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Date Time Functions

StresStimulus supports two date and time functions: