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Microsoft Azure settings can be accessed from the Settings dialog in the main menu > Edit > Settings > Azure tab. The following article will guide you through getting all the necessary information to provision Azure cloud load agents.

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Before accessing Microsoft Azure from StresStimulus, you must have an active Microsoft Azure subscription. To create one click here . Once you have one, paste the subscription id into the StresStimulus settings dialog.


  1. In the Azure portal select Subscriptions.
  2. Select your subscription.
  3. Select Access control (IAM).
  4. Select Add role assignment.
  5. Select the Contributor role and select the type the AD application that was created above.


    Contributor is the recommended, but not the only role that can be assigned. For a list of available roles, click here.

  6. Click Save.

Select the role to assign to the application

Getting the client secret

  1. Select Certificates & secrets.

  2. Select Client secrets -> New client secret.

  3. Provide a description of the secret , and a duration. When it's done, select Add.


    After saving the client secret, the value of the client secret is displayed. Copy this value because you won't be able to retrieve the key later.

  4. Copy the secret into the StresStimulus settings dialog shown above.