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  1. Support Forum: visit the StresStimulus support forum to read dozens of blogs, answers, and best practice tips. Join the StresStimulus support community to ask questions and receive a personal response from one of our load testing experts.

  2. Submit a question: This allows you to submit a question without registration.

  3. Online Help: links to this support site

  4. Consolidated Search: allows to search StresStimulus help, forums, and blogs from a single box.

  5. Email support: support@stimulustechnology

  6. Phone Support: +1 (732) 637-8100, select option 2

  7. Schedule Premium Support session:  in your StresStimulus application, navigate to Help menu > Support Options > Schedule Premium Support Session. Then select your time zone and choose a time slot that works best for you, from 2 hours to 7-days in advance. If you see the button Click-to-schedule on the My Support page, you can use it for scheduling as well.
  8. Inspect my Test: Available from the StresStimulus Help menu. This support tool allows you to upload the current test to Stimulus Technology's secure repository for our support review. To upload a support case, click Support Options in the StresStimulus menu and then select Upload Support Case. If you wish to submit the first test result opened in the leftmost result tab, in the appeared message box, check the appropriate box.  After clicking Upload Test, the test elements will be stored on your hard drive and then automatically uploaded to Stimulus Technology's secure repository using SSL encryption. Your StresStimulus serial number identifying your contact information will be included as well. During the upload, a A test upload icon will be displayed in the Windows notification area (tray) during the upload.  StresStimulus StresStimulus support personnel will be in touch with you after you after receiving your test.


Tip: If you cannot open a test case that you wish to upload because it is corrupted, follow these steps:

  1. Launch StresStimulus 
  2. Click Upload Support Case. You will be prompted to enter a test .ssconfig file.
  3. Enter the corrupted test configuration file and click Upload Test .

StresStimulus will upload your test without opening.