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  1. More intuitive mix-weight control. A new tree control simplifies VU distribution across load agents and test cases/test case groups. R1R6
  2. Support for more meaningful test case names. Now test case names can have up to 55 characters. The previous limit was 32. MY8
  3. A more consistent layout of the workflow tree. The test profile-related settings are now displayed under the Test Profile node.
  4. Speedup frequent operation of changing the test profile just before launching a test. Pre-run test dialog now has a test profile selector. 4MZ2
  5. More informative UI. For example, the selected test profile name is displayed in the Workflow tree. QCQ7
  6. Open SQL Server database dialog remembers the connection string from the previously opened result. Image Removed
  7. Increase maximum request body size in Web API test builder to 2 GB Image Removed
  8. Ability to use data generators created by auto-correlation in manual parameterization.

More elaborate scripting

  1. Faster troubleshooting extractor misconfigurations. The extractor verification tree doesn’t only display extractor run-time execution data but also its design-time definition, simplifying troubleshooting. HGUB
  2. Easier extractor management. If the extractor verification tree shows a playback error caused by an extractor, the user can delete it in-place right from this tree. Previously, users needed to navigate to the extractor tree and find the faulty extractor, which took more time. 7S39
  3. More robust JPath extractors. Now a JPath extractor can return objects along with primitives. DV7N
  4. Added an option to group test cases into several tiers to emulate complex timing and concurrency rules. Every test case or test case group can be assigned to a tier that starts at an appropriate moment representing a certain test phase. For example, the unexpected peak operation phase follows a regular operation phase. 9F9N
  5. Broader parameterization coverage. Parameterization datasets now support newline characters, so users can parameterize multi-line data. 3RMI
  6. The extractor designer can test dynamic extractors.  Previously dynamic extractor could be tested only during the test case Verify operation. 7X6BExclude Static GUIDs from the autocorrelation engine to create more accurate extractors and parameters Image Removed

More robust test execution and automation engine


  1. Dynatrace integration is upgraded to support the latest header specification T0B
  2. Obfuscated machine passwords and connection strings in the configuration file for increased security.
  3. Test solutions reference test cases by relative path in order to share tests in other environments. Image Removed
  4. Maintaining ISO format for time stamps in the test configuration file to simplify teamwork and collaboration among users in different time zones.
  5. Multiple fixes and improvements.