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Exit code: The process will return the exit code if the test failed fails the test quality criteria.

No-UI mode

When running in no UI mode, StresStimulus will execute the test as a console application when running in no UI mode. Use this option to execute tests via a scheduler or in a CI/CD pipeline.


All performance counters and graphs will not be shown in real-time. However, however, they will be available on the report after the test is over. On the other hand, the test machine will have more resources available so it can execute more VUs.

titleStopping the test

During a test, press Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Break to stop the current test gracefully and calculate the report. Press Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Break again to terminate the process.

titleExit Codes

The no UI mode will return the following exit codes:

  • 0 when the test successfully started and passes the test pass criteria
  • 1 when the test successfully started but fails the test pass criteria
  • 2 when the test does not start. The Console.Out will contain the error message


StresStimulus.Application.EXE /ssload "My Test.ssconifg"