Open test

To open a previously saved Test, select Open Test (a) or Recent Tests (b) from the StresStimulus Main Menu. From the Select Recording Source step in the Test Wizard, select Open Test.

Import from another test

To import Test Cases from another Test, in the Managing Test Case(s) section (c), click Import Test Cases From Another Test (d) on the toolbar and then select a .ssconfig file and click Open. All test cases from the selected test will be imported into the current test. All test objects will be copied into the .ssconfig file of the current test, and all .saz files with sessions will be copied into the current folder.

Tip: If you need to import some, but not all test cases, after import, delete the test cases you do not need.

Import session file

To import a previously saved session file, in the Managing Test Case(s) section, click Open a session file as a Test Case and select a Fiddler file (.saz) or HTTP archive file (.har). The selected file will be imported as a new Test Case.

Clone test case

To clone the selected Test Case, in the Managing Test Case(s) section, click Clone Test Case (f) on the toolbar.

Add additional sessions to the existing or new test case

To create a test case using sessions captured in the session grid or to add to the existing test case,

  1. Capture sessions in Fiddler, Load Archive, or Import Sessions into Fiddler. Or in the standalone version, use the web API test builder to create a session.
  2. In the Sessions grid, select the sessions.
  3. Right-click and in the context menu under StresStimulus Commands, click Create Test Case to create a new test case or Add to Test Case to add selected sessions to the test case.


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