The Agent Details panel displays statistics and performance characteristics aggregated by the agent.

Agent Details Grid Columns




Load Agent name


Test start time


Test end time

Aggregate (s)

Aggregate Session Time, the sum of all session response times. The session duration is the time between when a request is sent, and the corresponding response is received.

Because sessions are occurring in parallel, the Aggregate Session Time substantially exceeds the clock time. 

Max VUs

The maximum number of VUs reached during the test run

Sent (KB)

The sum of all requests sizes

Received (KB)

The sum of all responses sizes

Sent (KB/s)

Average upload bandwidth [Total KB sent] / [Test run duration]

Received (KB/s)

Average download bandwidth [Total KB sent] / [Test run duration]


The number of responses with status codes in the 400s or 500s range, or where a custom error was registered

Iterations Started

The number of test iterations started

Iterations Passed

The number of Iterations in which all responses were received

Iterations FailedThe number of failed (aborted) iterations

Iteration Time (s)

Average Iterations duration


The number of requests issued during the test run

Request /sec

Request rate [Total Requests] / [Test run duration]

Response (s)

Average Response time [Aggregate Session time] / [Total Requests]

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