AWS settings can be accessed from the Settings dialog in the main menu > Edit > Settings > AWS tab.

AWS Credentials

Before accessing AWS from StresStimulus, you must create a user inside the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) console.

Region Settings

Click the Region Settings... button to bring up a dialog to edit settings of every AWS region.

First, select the region you wish to edit from the drop-down.

Key Pairs

To retrieve Administrator passwords to newly created AWS instances, a key pair is necessary. It consists of a key name and private key combination.

You can click Create New Key Pair link to create a new key pair or provide an existing key pair that can be found inside your EC2 Console > Key Pairs.

If you wish to provide an existing Key Pair, you must provide the private key from the previously saved private key file.

If you created a new key pair, you could export the private key file by clicking Export Private Key link

Image Id

By default, StresStimulus automatically determines which image ID to use to create an AWS instance. The Image Id field stores the last image id used to create the AWS instance.