When SQL Server is set as a test repository, you can query the test log directly and generate custom reports using external analytical tools. The test repository database table structure is shown below.

ResultData is the main table that stores all session information. Session's time-based performance metrics are stored in the Fiddler session timer format described here. The following six timers are used:

Starting from v5.0 the session timers are accessible in Embedded SQL Server CE result files.

API for querying session content

The Query Log allows displaying session content in the session grid. However, the capacity of the session grid to display a very large number of records is limited. For such situations, an option exists to query session content directly from the test repository.

Session data is stored in the ResultData table in the SQL Server database. However, requests and response information is stored UTF8 binary encoded form.

To decode session content to plain text, use built-in function Utf8ToNVarChar() as shown below:

SELECT dbo.Utf8ToNVarChar(RequestBytes) AS RequestChars, dbo.Utf8ToNVarChar(ResponseBytes) AS ResponseChars FROM ResultData