Search the Analyzing Results section

A test is launched from the main tab (a). After test completion, the following steps are performed automatically:


You can open multiple Test Result tabs from the Previous Results section located on the bottom of the Workflow Tree in the Main tab.

Note: It is not recommended to heavily use the multiple Test Result tabs during test execution because some of the test machine hardware resources will be taken away from the load generation.

In each Test Result tab , the following views (d) are available (i.e., Summary, Details, Graphs, Errors). Each of them displays various aspects of website performance information in rich tabular, graphical, and text format. In any of these views, the following additional toolbar commands are available:

Additionally, from a Test Result tab, you can open a separate Page Result (h) and a Transaction Result (i) tab for each webpage and transaction presenting specific performance information related to individual pages and transactions.