This section outlines how to create more complex extensions (scriptable variables and components) with a more advanced IDE (such as Visual Studio). 


Create a new class library project. Then add a reference to StresStimulus extensibility API located in the  StresStimulus.Extensibility  namespace using the following assembly:

If you wish to use your custom extensions with both StresStimulus versions, create/compile two versions of the extensions using the same codebase, but referencing two different StresStimulus assemblies.

Your assembly should be stored in the Bin subfolder in the test folder. For example, for the test called MyTest.ssconfig, copy the assembly .dll to MyTest\bin folder.

Programming the extensions is similar to programming them using the code editor

.NET versions

StresStimulus is built on .NET 4, therefore extensions must also be built on .NET Framework 4 or higher.

Distributed Testing:

If using external variables in a distributed testing environment, it's important to consider what version of StresStimulus is running on the controller and agents being used.