The VU Activity Chart shows the activity of every VU associated with the load test. It allows visualizing the VU activity and how it relates to other VUs actions. Specifically, it shows which test case and iteration each VU was executing, on which load generator it was emulated and what other VUs were running at the same time. Because this information is depicted on the timeline, it helps to isolate performance issues by seeing how load patterns and test case concurrences correlate with slower test iterations. You can further drill down every test iteration to display a waterfall chart corresponding to this iteration, which displays activity detailed on the level of individual pages and requests.

Info: The VU Activity Chart is available only after the load has finished running.

An example of a VU Activity chart is provided above: 

Generating Test Iteration Waterfall

Export iteration data

Other Commands:

Iteration summary:

When zooming the activity view, the bottom area will show iteration summary information for the zoomed range.

If the test stopped before an iteration completed, this iteration will count as a Full iteration if it falls into the entire zoomed range.

Filter by agent

If a load test run used more than one load agent, then the activity diagram can be filtered to show activity per load agent.

To show the activity of a specific load agent, select the load agent name from the drop-down in the toolbar