Test results are stored in a database. There are four types of settings that can be configured:

1. Go to Result Storage node in the Workflow Tree .

2. Configure what data to store by selecting one of the How Much Data to Store property values:

3. Select what database type to use by selecting Data Storage .

5. Click the box
 in the property grid to bring up the connection string dialog5. If
SQL Server is selected, enter a  SQL Server Connection String property or ...

 SQL Server CE Notes:

  • The SQL Server CE files are saved to a default location %Local Application Data%\StresStimulus\SQLCE\ folder.
  • This folder can be changed in the Main Menu > Edit > Settings
  • Alternatively, this folder can be changed in the Result storage folder for SQL CE files property in the Result Storage node.

  • The user specified in the Login section should be a database owner (dbo) to have sufficient permissions to create tables and other objects as well as insert and update data. If you specified a new database, the user should have permission to create databases.
  • The network connection between the StresStimulus controller and SQL Server should be fast enough to transmit real-time insert transactions. VPN or WiFi networks maybe not fast enough. If StresStimulus determines that the network connection slows down the test execution, it will stop the test and display a slow connection error message.
  • If you use load agents that run as a Windows service, then SQL Server Windows Authentication will not work. This is because load agent Windows services run under the Local System account. In this case, always select SQL Server Authentication.
  • Increase the default SQLCommand Timeout property (c) when you have extensive tests and get errors like the Timeout period elapsed before completion of the operation.

Info: When you enable purging response bodies, some responses will not be stored in the test log. Session inspector will display the message "StresStimulus truncated" in the place of the response content when you open a session with the purged response.