The first step in load testing with StresStimulus is to record a test case. A test script is automatically created by recording a user navigation scenario.

The user's requests and server responses are captured by a proxy and stored in StresStimulus as test case objects.

Note: The add-on version uses Fiddler's proxy. The Standalone version uses its own proxy, which can work side-by-side with the Fiddler proxy.

To start recording, click Record Test Case in the Workflow Tree. The Test Wizard will display the Recording Source step.

Select a Recording Destination:

  • To add a new test case to your test, click Add New Test and enter its name.
  • To replace the current test case, click Replace Existing Test Case.
  • To add additional sessions at the end of the current test case, select Add To Existing Test Case.

Specify your Recording Source:

Grouping requests:

By default, StresStimulus breaks down requests into pages. You can disable the automatic page breakdown.

To do so, un-checked the Group requests into pages box.

That can be helpful when, instead of tracking the performance of pages, you prefer to track the performance of transactions that are used to group requests manually.

Disabling pages is also helpful when testing Web services.

Other options

Other recording options are described here.