A test case can be presented as a Test Case Tree (a) or a Session Grid (b), as shown below. Test Case Tree can be displayed on the left pane (a) or on the right pane (c)

These two presentation forms are compared in the table below. The Test Case Tree displays a hierarchical view of TOM with multiple object types. Multiple objects can be selected at the same time. Selecting similar objects of the same type will allow changing similar properties. The Session Grid only displays sessions and allows to sort and select multiple sessions to perform operations quicker.

Test Case Presentation FormTest case TreeSession Grid
Displayed objectsAll objects or SessionsSessions only
Invoke operationsToolbar or Context menuContext menu

After the test case is recorded, the Test Case Tree appears in the object pane (a) on the left. The following commands allow changing its presentation and location:

Tip: When selecting the request in the treeview on the right, the corresponding request in the session grid on the left gets highlighted. 

UI Reference -> Session Grid